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 Jerry Nettrouer II 

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Jerry began using computers at the age of 11, starting out on a TI-99/4A. He would often rewrite the computer games, he and his brothers would play, to gain a better advantage over them in the game. Later, during the winter of 1991 Jerry began his trek into the world of donations when he built his first computer, a Digital Vax Station II, the computer was given to Scott Newman of Culver who used it to establish a local BBS, for which Jerry received nothing from Scott in return. During the same year Jerry's father gave him a broken I.B.M. compatible XT computer that he soon fixed and began using as a learning tool to help build and fix others computers.

Jerry began to fix and build numerous computers for family, friends, and nearly anyone who he found with a need for a computer. Jerry not only built computers but set to learn nearly every Information Technology science computers are being used for today, like hardware, software, networking, Internet, and multimedia technologies. Jerry continued to further develop his I.T. skills alone until the year 2000 when two major milestones for him took place. The first was Jerry began college at I.T.T. in Fort Wayne for Computer Networking Systems Technology for which he later graduated with an associates degree. The second is when he discovered the Linux operating system. Until 2000 Jerry had not known of the Linux operating system and was amazed at its abilities to facilitate learning Information Technologies.

After graduating from college Jerry applied his I.T. knowledge at numerous places for free, such as DNS Online his Internet Service Provider, First Baptist Church of Plymouth, and Rachel's Home a Pregnancy Home in Plymouth, while continuing to provide free I.T. solutions to individuals.

Then in the summer of 2009 Jerry ran across a document overview of how to establish a Non-Profit organization and has taken up the effort to establish the Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization or "INPITO" to continue and expand on the great ideals of providing Information Technology solutions to people and organizations that are in need of these solutions.

 Doyle Harpole 

Doyle began using computers at an age when the Texas Instruments "TI-99/4A" was the newest computer in stores back in 1981. Doyle began writing programs shortly after this to help his mom balance check books and developed his own systems to store information on people that his family knew so he didn't have to remember a lot of phone numbers, addresses and information about them. He would also work at rewriting games that him and his older brother played to make them behave in new ways and change the conditions of the games. By the 1990's Doyle was running his own BBS's system with a few hundred users and over 600 megabytes in files to download.

While attending high school Doyle took computer programming classes, CAD/CAM, and several independent study class for programming. He was an easy kid to spot in the crowd. He carried 3 boxes of 5 and 1/4 inch floppy disk (at the minimum) to every class. He would often be called from his classes to go to the office, computer lab, or CAD/CAM room to repair, recover files, install and upgrade software or write software for use in other classes. He was even called by his father's company and father to come to his father's place of employment to fix problems they had or write software for them to use during school hours. Never once did Doyle charge any of them for the work he did as he believed by helping others to learn to use technology was more important.

Doyle Built his own computers from about the age of fourteen and only bought pre-built systems when time constraints would keep him from doing otherwise. But after a short period of time he would modify the systems to serve his needs. Always learning along the way to get the most out of ever piece of hardware, this helped Doyle to learn how to save money while still doing all the things he wanted to do and allowed him to show friends and family as well how to save money. Even to this day many friends and family ask Doyle how to do things and fix things on their computers at home and work.

In 2008 Doyle released to the public his own varient of a Linux distribution. Shortly there after he was introduced to Jerry Nettrouer. The two began working and talking together about Linux and discoverd they both shared in the idea's of the Open Source community. By the end of the summer of 2009 Jerry came to Doyle's home with the idea of a non-profit company that he pitched to Doyle for the two of them to start. On September 21, 2009 the state of Indiana Office of Secretary of State certified the incorporation of the Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization Inc.

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