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Is your technology working for you?
Or are you working for it?

The Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization
helps put I.T. to work for you.

 Source Code Server : I got requests for putting my compile for Trinity up in individual packages. So I setup a source code server at my non-profit to provide individual package downloads. My non-profit does not have a lot of bandwidth, so please do not eat up all my bandwidth.

The server is in it's embryonic state, so the files will be moved and rearanged more, as I further develop packages.

 Over a $1000 to $1 Giving Back Ratio 

It's time to Celebrate! On September 21st of 2009, the Indiana Non-Proft Information Technology Organization, Inc. was founded, and since that time we have provided several Information Technology solutions to various non-profit organizations within the community.

We have constructed a number of computers for Rachel's Home a non-profit pregnancy home located in Plymouth Indiana. We have designed, printed, and published the Rachel's Home 2009 December Newsletter, 2010 December Newsletter, Prayer Request Flyer, Bob Evan's Fundraiser Post Card, and we have provided a great deal more technology based assistance to Rachel's Home.

We have help the First Baptist Church of Plymouth Indiana on several occasions resolving Information Technology issues. We developed, and until recently, were hosting the website. Setup and implemented a complete internal wireless and Ethernet network, as well as setup their internet connection. We constructed a Linux machine with several functioning types of servers, primarily a file server.

We've setup a really nice network share drive with raid for Evergreen Baptist Church of Michigan City, and resolved some file permission problems along the way.

The INPITO has also started providing some processing power to aid in number crunching of scientific data, for the University of California Berkeley Foundation's "Boinc Project" ...

The list just goes on and on, and when the tally is finished, with the anncounced and unannounced service, it turns out, as of January of 2015, we have provided over $523,000 in completely free information technology solutions, to our communities non-profits, and the people who serve them. That's right none of the organizations, have ever payed the INPITO a single penny, for our services, just like those Riley Hospital commercials for kids.

To-date, within the five years since our founding, the INPITO has received $510 in donations, from those caring individuals, who have shared in our mission, within the community. The INPITO has done it, we have hit over a $1000 to $1 giving back ratio within the community, we serve. How many non-profit organizations can say, for every dollar donated they have given back over one thousand dollars worth of aid, and assistance to their community? WE CAN !

 Don't Stop Reading We're Not Finished Yet! 

We didn't write this just to celebrate our $1000 to $1 giving back ratio. We have a not so hidden agenda here. Our organization has been ask, by several children, and a few adults, who serve various local non-profit organizations, to teach computer classes. Which we are more than willing to teach!

However; we currently lack the funds for a permanent classroom, and 2012+ and newer computers, or laptops, needed for this course. Yep! This is it! That perfect excuse to donate your 2013+ or newer computer, or laptop, and buy a new one. So, kids, yep ... kids! Like, Mark U., Shyanne H., and Jerimiah V., can learn how to use various computer programs, and make videos for the non-profit organizations they love and want to serve.

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