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  About Us
 Our Mission 

The Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization "INPITO" is a not for profit organization dedicated to empowering the Indiana community through establishing and providing Information Technology solutions, education, and resources.

The "INPITO" is located in Marshall county and provides high-quality technology solutions to other nonprofit groups, organizations, and individuals within the Indiana community.

We help connect our community to technology so that they can serve their clients and communities. Don't let I.T. overwhelm you, let us help you put I.T. to work.

 Our Objectives 
1. Provide up to and including free Information Technology solutions to non-profit organizations and the people who serve them. (Providing we have available resources)
2. Help raise awareness about needed Information Technology solutions within the Indiana community.
3. Use adequate hardware donated to the corporation to aid non-profit organizations and the people who serve them, within the Indiana community.
4. Release intellectual properties of the corporation, as Open Source, under a General Public License.
5. Provide designated campaign donations to individuals and organizations for freelance Information Technology projects.
6. Provide up to and including free education designated by the corporations to the people and organizations of Indiana.
 Contributors Rights 
1. As a Contributor we believe you have the right to be informed of whether we are currently fulfilling our mission, to the Indiana community, and the standard by which we are fulfilling it.
2. We believe as a Contributor you have a right to ask questions, queries, and concerns and receive to the best of our ability the most accurate and truthful answer.
3. As a Contributor we believe that you have a right to be treated in a professional manor, from the Board of Directors, staff, trustees, volunteers, and all other personnel.
4. As a Contributors we believe you have a right to know the identity of all individuals serving on the Board of Directors, staff members, and trustees, and to make inquires as to their service of stewardship to this organization.
5. We believe it is your right as a Contributor to be informed of the way we intend to use your donations and whether we have used them appropriately within our budget.
6. We believe that all our Contributors have a right to our most recent financial statements, the intended use of our finances and other annual reports.
7. We believe you have a right not be to coercised for donations, but instead approached in an honorable manor, for the donations you wish to contribute.
8. We believe that your donations should be used in the manor in which you intended, and if we for any reason can not use your contribution in such a manor we will inform you.
9. As a Contributor we believe you have a right to receive proper documentation concerning your donation to us, and that your contribution is conducted in the manor you so choose, whether publicly, or confidentially.
10. We believe it is our responsibility to keep your information secure, and not to share, or cause it to be shared with any other organizations, without your permission.
11. We believe it is our responsibility to remove you from our contacts should you request it.
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