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 I.N.P.I.T.O. Website 

We've decided to establish this website as a project in order to recored the information related to it.

Project ID# 20090923-1Status: { Released }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 200
Last Update: 23-11-2010Contact e-mail:

 Open Source Technology Classes 

These classes teach a wide variety of Open Source Information Technology skills, and provide understanding of how certain open source technologies in the industry work. These classes include, an Introduction to Linux Slackware the oldest maintained Linux distribution, program logic engineering, C and C++ programming language. Likewise we hope to begin classes on Blender, and Linux video editing, and production some time in 2016.

Project ID# 20150922-1Status: { Current }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 500+
Last Update: 01-03-2016Contact e-mail:

 Corn Library - ( Call On Random Number ) 

Corn ( Call On Random Number ) is the first linux function library I've ever attempted to make for public use. I haven't figured out the GNU Buildtools yet so I simply wrote a build script to compile and install, the library. I believe it is a true random number generator, as all tests have not as yet shown any recognizable patterns in the number sequence.

I've also added the "Random Verse" program that uses the corn library. A random Bible verse generator is the whole reason why I wrote a random number generator in the first place.

The test application usage is:
# corn "Max Number" "Iteration"

The functions usage is:
unsigned long int corn( unsigned long int max );

Project ID# 20140105-1Status: { Development }
Personnel: Jerry Nettoruer IIProject Hours: 180
Last Update: 08-27-2016Contact e-mail:
Download: corn-20150827.tar.gzSource Requires: C Compiler, Linux /dev/urandom block device.
Download: random-verse.tar.gzSource Requires: corn

 Marshall County Online Social Network 

The Inpito developed our own online based social network to bring together individuals, non-profits, faith based organizations, municipalities, bussinesses, and non incorparated groups and organizations within the Marshall county community. Unfortunately, there was a lack of interest in using it, and we found Elgg, a really good Open Source Online Socail Media Network software package, so our MCOSN project has bee discontinued.

Project ID# 20090923-2Status: { Discontinued }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 2,000
Last Update: 01-01-2010Contact e-mail:

 Free Information Exchange 

The Inpito Free Information Exchange is a project to establish a media content delivery system to aid individuals and organizations in accomplishing computer tasks, provide the latest in Information Technology news and vulnerabilities, as well provide help for those struggling to resolve Information Technology problems.

Consequently, we are in the process of developing helpful videos to educate people in their Information Technology endeavors. If you would like to become part of this project, or have media that would help in providing I.T. solutions please contact us.

Project ID# 20090923-3Status: { Development }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 40
Last Update: 01-01-2010Contact e-mail:

 Wireless Open Massive Area Network 

The Inpito W.O.M.A.N. is a project to provide a free wireless network resource to the people, and organizations within a massive area. It would allow people and organizations to establish their own private networks over a wireless opensource massive area network, or join the public wireless network established by the W.O.M.A.N. to exchange data openly.

Project ID# 20091126-1Status: { Development }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 250
Last Update: 12-31-2009Contact e-mail:

 Information in C & PHP 

We've developed some helpful C source code structures and PHP arrays for use by programmers. These include a list of zip codes throughtout the United States, and a list of state abbreviations, and proper names.

Project ID# 20100226-1Status: { Continuous }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 720
Last Update: 02-27-2010Contact e-mail:
Download: postal-20100227.tar.gzSource Requires: C Compiler and/or Apache, Php

 Php MySQL Bible Search 

We've developed a PhP MySQL Bible, that currently has 3 Bible translations so far, the King James Version, the American Standard Version, and the Uniform Standard American (a modified World English Bible).

Currently search controls have been developed, however I have not been able to test fault tolerance within the program yet.

A Web Server such as Apache, Php and MySQL, are required for the project to work. Just untar the package to a director in your webservers path and surf to index.php page and follow the instructions.

Project ID# 20091024-1Status: { Released }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 200
Last Update: 02-05-2011Contact e-mail:
Download: PhpMySQLBibleSearch-1.0.tar.bz2 and Requires: Apache, MySQL, Php

 Evergreen Baptist Church of Michigan City 

We've setup a really nice network share drive with raid for Evergreen Baptist Church of Michigan City, and handled some file permission problems along the way.

Linux Network Share Drive
Project ID# 20091107-1Status: { Accomplished }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 30
Last Update: 9-11-2009 Contact e-mail:

File Permission Solution
Project ID# 20091209-1Status: { Accomplished }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 4
Last Update: 9-12-2009 Contact e-mail:

 Rachel's Home 

We currently have a number of projects we are involved with concerning Rachel's Home a non-profit pregnancy home located in Plymouth Indiana. We are developing a new website for Rachel's Home. We have recently taken on the responsibility of hosting the website. We have built two computers for use at Rachel's Home, one for office use and one for the residents. Finally, we made and printed the Rachel's Home December 2009 & 2010 Newsletter.

Two Desktop Computers
Project ID# 20090921-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 48
Last Update: 12-20-2010Contact e-mail:

WebSite & Hosting
Project ID# 20091110-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 50
Last Update: 11-10-2009Contact e-mail:

December Newsletter
Project ID# 20091217-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 88
Last Update: 12-22-2009Contact e-mail:
Download: Newsletter

December Newsletter
Project ID# 20101121-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 100
Last Update: 11-21-2010Contact e-mail:
Download: Newsletter

Prayer Request Flyer
Project ID# 20100117-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 3
Last Update: 01-17-2010Contact e-mail:
Download: Pray for us

Fundraiser Post Card
Project ID# 20100507-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer II, Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 56
Last Update: 05-18-2010Contact e-mail:
Download: Coupon

 First Baptist Church of Plymouth 

We've helped First Baptist Church in Plymouth Indiana with a number of Information Technology solutions, and have taken on developing their website, and setting up their internal network.

First Baptist Church Computer Repair
Project ID# 20100103-1Status: { Completed }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 6
Last Update: 01-03-2010Contact e-mail:

First Baptist Church Website
Project ID# 20101120-1Status: { Discontinued }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 50
Last Update: 11-23-2010Contact e-mail:

First Baptist Church Internet & Internal Network Setup
Project ID# 20110215-1Status: { Accomplished }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 8
Last Update: 15-02-2011Contact e-mail:

First Baptist Church Linux Server Setup
Project ID# 20110215-2Status: { Development }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 16
Last Update: 17-03-2011Contact e-mail:

First Baptist Church VHS to DVD Video Converstion
Project ID# 20111106-1Status: { Discontinued }
Personnel: Jerry Nettrouer IIProject Hours: 1000+
Last Update: 21-02-2013Contact e-mail:

 University of California Berkeley Foundation 

The Inpito has started providing some processing power to aid in number crunching scientific data.

Boinc Data Processing
Project ID# 20121213-1Status: { Continuous }
Personnel: Doyle HarpoleProject Hours: 2000+
Last Update: 14-09-2014 Contact e-mail:
Site: Boinc


Remember any project we release is Open Source and is covered under a General Public License.

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